Tony Ford Counselling

Humanistic Counsellor/Psychotherapist BACP Accredited, Approved TFT Therapist.

Thought Field Therapy

Phobias/Trauma & Addictions Specialist

TFT works on removing the fear and anxiety (Perturbations) from thoughts and traumatic situations whether past or present. I can work with individual’s trauma, addictions and phobias. Through applying certain tapping techniques to the body’s meridians, such trauma can be removed without the need of medication.

  • Does your phobia restrict your movements?
  • Does your anxiety and fear affect your decisions?
  • Does your fear of a panic leave you unable to live a fruitful life?
  • Does your addiction take president over your thoughts?

Benefits of TFT

Due to its non intrusive manner TFT can be used for a large number of Traumatic problems. The individual is not required to be hypnotised or disclose painful thoughts for the procedure to work effectively. This type of therapy is unique in that respect in comparison to other Therapies dealing with trauma, addictions or phobias.

It is a painless procedure that has a proven 80% success rate from independent studies.

Natural Remedy

TFT is a natural alternative to prescriptive drugs in combating depression, anxiety and other distressing related issues. Such is the speed and ease of TFT, is that it can be simply applied if need be, to on the spot anxious situations.

TFT At Present

In the present climate, we are beginning to realize the importance of psychological to our every day lives. It is becoming more apparent each day that our physical well being is fundamentally determined by our state of minds. This is not only amongst the therapeutic community, but also being shown to us by the media.

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Taking time to heal past and present traumas is a fast way to improve your overall well being.