Tony Ford Counselling

Humanistic Counsellor/Psychotherapist BACP Accredited, Approved TFT Therapist.


Wow, what a journey it’s been! And now its time for me to start a new one, sadly without you, but happily with all the wonderful things I’ve learnt during our sessions.

A year ago I was holding myself back in life, fearful, angry and so very lost. Now, due to the time spent with you enabling me to express myself and access my creativity, I’ve learnt a whole new way of being. I can’t begin to thank you enough Tony. You are such a special person with a true gift - I will never forget how you have helped me…Thank you!

Wishing you lots of love, laughter & sunny days :)

Tony this is for you, I can not really put into words what you mean to me and what an impact you have had in my life, I feel like you were put in my life for a reason. After seeing and reading your web site I straight away emailed you and we arranged a date for me to come to your clinic and for us to meet. I was really looking forward to it, you opened the door and you introduced your self in a kind warming manor, witch put any nerves I had straight out the window...

I can not really put into words what you mean to me and what an impact you have had in my life. And thanks to you teaching me to find my inner tools and to believe in myself, have faith in my own mind to do what is right for me, and to listen to my self, being honest and open with you was the only way to do it, I could not go any lower in my life, the whole I was in was swallowing me up getting deeper and darker. From the start even after you had heard all the things that were going on in my life, you still encouraged me to help myself and most of all to love my self, So from the bottom of my heart thank you for being one of the people
that I believe has helped to save my life.

The words ‘thank you’ really don’t even begin to touch on my gratitude.

I was lost in a maze of my own destruction, and slowly but surely you’ve made me see that maybe I don’t need to punish myself for anything and everything. Our sessions have helped to restore my faith in people – I now know that not everyone is out to judge me! Thank you for not judging me, thank you for being so patient and for helping me to make sense of, well everything! Thank you for making me feel worthy of a life without pain and self destruction. I really will miss our sessions! Wishing you love, laughter and happiness in all you do.

My experience with councelling was a positive one. When i came i was feelling very down. Tony helped me see things from a new perspective and how to deal with my problems. It's an ongoing process which i enjoy having. Tony is very skillfull in what he does and a very good listener. ( Male client )
My Memory of how I was is not great, but what I do remember is how I felt lost, alone, frightened and in badly need of some guidance. You have enabled me to understand myself: you have given me tools which I am able to use in all the situations I had previously feared. Perhaps the greatest gift you have given me would be the gift of realisation. Instead of living in fear and denying who I am, pretending to be what I am not: You have changed this. I am able to not only recognize myself, to know myself, my strengths, faults and weaknesses but to also appreciate and love myself with the ability to implement changes when necessary. For this I thank you.( Female client )
I have been seeing Tony Ford on a regular basis since October 2008 when I was experiencing a particularly difficult phase in my life after a painful relationship breakup. I have found his counseling very helpful and it has enabled me to explore my feelings and address some difficult personal issues in a safe and supportive environment. As a result of my on-going therapy, I have developed a more positive outlook by talking through my situation, tackling addiction issues and identifying damaging patterns of behaviour. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for guidance with finding their own inner strength and a positive path during difficult times. ( Female client )
There's no definitive way that I can sum up how significant the counselling you provided me was. I struggle to find the words too express how much this therapy has done for me. I was completely lost and felt hopeless, I was at rock bottom and couldn't see the point in anything. I needed to deal with my problems, however previous counsellors had left me with the impression that this type of therapy wasn't altogether that worth while. This all changed though and I can never thank you enough for helping me put my problems behind me. I would happily recommend Tony to anyone who feels they need help. ( Female client )

When i first came to counselling i was going through such an emotional time and i didnt think therapy would help, I had no self worth for myself and i always kept blaming myself when things in my life were going wrong. I found it really hard at first but as the sessions went on it got  a lot more easier.

I knew it was going to be a long journey for me to get through this so i gave it a chance.

Im so glad that i did, it was so nice to be able to express my feelings to someone without being judged as a person.

Therapy has changed my whole life now.  I have my self worth back and i have learnt alot of things about myself as a person.

Therapy has taught me alot over the last 9 months and has made me such a stronger person now and made me realise how much of a special mum i am to my 2 children, im so happy now thanks to therapy i know that at the end of my journey i will be able to move on with my life and carry on being an inspiration to my children.

I will never forget what therapy has done for me.( Female client )

Thank you once again you have helped in ways I hadn’t even realized.( Female client )
To be able to now understand what has happened to then act on that insight has helped to make decisions that are now beneficial. The therapy has really helped to gain more confidence within those decisions especially with the people close to me.( Male client )
I would just simply like to say thank you for coming along my journey with me and thanks for everything you have done which has helped me to see and feel differently about my self. I will never forget this experience.( Female client )
It has not been an easy ride and at times I thought I would not get better but I have. I can now understand what happened which has helped to experience life in full colour thank thank you. ( Male client )
I have come such a long way in such a short space of time. I have begun to completely
change my outlook on my life and gain confidence in myself. I could not of done this without
the guidance of Tony and I would recommend counselling to any individual who feels they
need a trusting hand.