Tony Ford Counselling

Humanistic Counsellor/Psychotherapist BACP Accredited, Approved TFT Therapist.

What is Reiki?

ReikiReiki is Japanese healing method discovered by Doctor MIkao Usui. It has roots in Buddhism (Tendai) and ancient Taoism.

Rei’ is the spiritual essence of a human being and the energy, which exists in all things.

Ki’ is the life force, the breath of the divine – also known as ‘Chi.’ it is the energy of our thoughts and emotions. When the two come together – ‘Reiki’ – The spirit becomes one with the universal energies.

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki will help balance the mind, body and spiritually It will also be able to draw attention to damaged areas of the body, that need correlating to the individuals state of mind. Unblocking charkas helps the individual to give and receive the different energies that each chakra represents. Healthy charkas enable the individual to discern what is nourishing for them on each level, e.g. heart chakra – to be able to give and receive love in a balanced way; Solar plexus chakra – to be able to discern what is good for us, in our choices (to intuitively know)

How does ‘Reiki work?

Reiki works by the practitioner a-tuning into the ‘Reiki’, essentially becoming a clear transmitter for the energy to flow into the client. It then begins to balance, unblock and harmonize the body’s seven individual energy fields.

What takes place during the ‘Reiki’ session?

The usual format of session will be a 15-minute consultation, discussing general or specific concerns of the client. After this the Reiki will be given to the individual on a therapy couch (client fully clothed) Whilst the fully qualified and insured practitioner will work intuitively placing very light touch on specific chakra points (for emotional balancing) or specific physical injuries. On occasion the practitioner may only work on the individuals ‘Aura’ (hands just off the body)

Tailored Reiki

The Reiki sessions can be tailored to the individual clients needs and wishes. I will be able to help the client to understand their physical ailments and reasons why some problems keep persisting and re-emerging.

Why choose Reiki at Libero Counselling & Personal Development?

Coming to Libero Counselling & Personal Development to receive Reiki means that you will come into environment that is professional, warm, understanding and respectful to every individuals needs and concerns. Being a fully qualified counsellor, means whatever difficult issues or emotions you bring will be met with the individual attention they need.

You are here and this moment is for you!